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Back to School

Back to school is just around corner!

It’s time to make sure your kids are all set up and ready for the new school term.

The arrival of the new school year is not just about making sure they’ve got their new pencil cases, blazers and rugby boots ready. Now is the perfect time to make sure your child’s eyesight is ready for all that learning!

Has your child had a recent eye test? Have they ever had an eye test? We all think about regular dental checks, but the vast majority of kids don’t tend to have an eye test until there’s a problem.


Your kids’ eyes are precious so let us help you to look after them.

Before you decide to come and see us, follow the link to our ‘Little Monster‘ section so that they can see for themselves what we do and what we have on offer. An eye test doesn’t have to be scary, and we’ll work hard to make sure that the appointment with us is a fun and exciting experience.

And should it turn out that they do need glasses, we have a large selection of the most on-trend frames for them to choose from so that they feel comfortable and confident in their cool new eyewear.

Book an appointment today in time for the new school term.

Why your children and teenagers should wear sunglasses

On bright and sunny days most adults wear sunglasses. How often do you see children wearing sunglasses?

It’s rare, we know and it’s not right.

Children need to learn why it’s so important for them to wear sunglasses. They need to protect their eyes even more that we do. We talk about the importance of wearing sunscreen, but do you talk to your children about the importance of protecting their eyes from UV RAYS.

We all have good intentions as adults. Of the 73% of adults that wear sunglasses, only 53% of them encourage their children to wear sunglasses.

You need to be persistent in getting them to keep them on. When you are on the beach or on the water your child’s eyes are exposed to significant sun exposure.

Here are some good tips to help you make wearing sunglasses a habit for your children:

* Model good sunglass wearing habits. Wear your glasses when you are outside, even on over cast days.
* Choose sunglasses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. Make sure that they reach British standards. Do not buy cheap glasses.
* Select polycarbonate lenses, theses take more wear and tear!
* Let you kids choose a frame they like. We will help you make that an exciting experience!!
* Let Mom or Dad be responsible for making sure you always have them with you.
* Follow these tips and you will help your child protect their eyes and instil positive habits for visual protection.

For more information about how you keep your children’s eyes safe in the sunshine, get in contact or book an appointment today.

Get summer ready with Rock Star! The must have frames for Teenagers

Are you on the count down to your summer holiday?

Make sure your big kids have the protection they need for their eyes (and importantly, will actually want to wear) this summer with Rock Star.

Filled with energy, Rock Star delivers the latest mini-celeb looks while inspiring individual style and self-confidence. This bright and young range pops with personality through fashion-forward design and fun pattern and colour fusions.

Come and see us at Alan Tyler to see our collection and have them try them on for themselves. Book an appointment.


Game, Set and Match – Sport Eyecare

You may protect your body with shin pads, body armour etc… but how important is sport eyecare?

There is a serious risk of injury to the eyes when you play sport. Your eyes are the easiest thing to damage as they are exposed.

The eyes are vital in all sports and injuries to players eyes occur more frequently than you’d expect.

Whether you wear eyewear to protect your eyes from flying objects or from ultraviolet rays – it is vital to do so.

An example of this is you or your child playing golf, football, cricket or tennis.

In all of these sports, you are exposed to flying balls and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Without proper protection and sun protection, you might damage your eyes over time without knowing the risks.

With the glare from sunlight potentially affecting your performance, vision and sport go hand in hand.

Light balancing eyewear that removes the glare or allows you clearer vision in all sports will be incredibly beneficial both indoors and outdoors.

Whether the sport in question is played on a court, e.g. football, or in sand, volleyball, the benefits of the correct eyewear are extensive.

Swimmers will perform better with properly glazed prescription swimwear goggles that shop bought ones.

The most important things to consider are:

* Choose eyewear that is appropriate for the sport you are participating in.
* Ensure the chosen eyewear allows you to see clearer and protect your eyes.
* Ensure they fit your facial contours properly.
* Consider contact lenses if you feel glasses are a hindrance.

To book an eye examination to receive a full consultation about your sports eyewear requirements, click here.

Introducing Lozza

Founded in 1878, Lozza is the oldest eyewear brand in Italy.

Among the pages of its history, we find a constant focus on the future and on innovation. This history endows the brand with an innate superiority, making it the emblem – still today – of the ultimate cult spectacle.

Its traditional classicism and refinement, blended with a highly evocative vintage inspiration, gives rise to articles with contemporary flavour.

In a world where appearance is becoming increasingly void of meaning, Lozza is one of the few brands to offer an aesthetic that is rich in content, in response to the most contemporary of needs.

National Diabetes Week 2019

10-16th June 2019.

Diabetes can affect your eyes in a number of ways. The most serious condition related to Diabetes is a condition called diabetic retinopathy.

It occurs when the tiny blood vessels at the back of your eye become blocked and leak. Early diagnosis is vital!



Most sight-threatening problems can be managed if treatment is carried out early enough.

Diabetes can affect your eye in a number of ways, but not everyone who has diabetes develops an eye condition.

If you have diabetes, it’s so important for you to have regular diabetic retinal screenings. It’s important that the changes that diabetes causes in your eye are picked up early, and you receive the right treatment.

How can you reduce the risk? You can reduce your risk of developing retinopathy by:

• Controlling your blood sugar
• Controlling your Blood Pressure
• Controlling your cholesterol
• Keeping fit and at a healthy weight
• Give up smoking
• Get regular retinal screening

If you are diabetic and worried about your sight we are here to help you. Why not book an appointment today.

Moleskine Eyewear

Discreet and elegant Moleskine Eyewear is now available at Alan Tyler Opticians.

This eyewear collection is built around the needs of creative and professionals, enabling everyday life on the move and enabling self-expression.















With a clean and distinctive look and feel and a seamless connection to the MOLESKINE ecosystem, this collection is designed to enable, you to work, connect and create on the move.

Book an appointment today and try them on for yourselves.

Knowle Fun Run 2019

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Alan Tyler Opticians are again supporting Knowle Fun Run 2019, taking place 19th May.

Celebrating its 36th year of fundraising, 2000 big and mini runners are raising money in aid of UK Sepsis Trust, SoLO Life Opportunities and Lions locally determined causes.

Collectively, runners are expected to raise over £35,000 for well deserving charities.

From the whole team at Alan Tyler, we’d like to wish all 5K and 10K runners the very best of luck!

How to protect your eyes against sun damage – Sun Awareness Week 2019

We’re all aware of the damage the sun can do to our skin, and we know that we must cover up and apply a high factor sun cream.

But do you know just how much damage the sun’s rays can do to our eyes?

From painful sunburn to the development of serious eye cancers, sunlight can have a serious effect on our eye health. Excessive UV radiation has a detrimental effect on our cells and can damage our DNA leading to genetic mutations and cancer.

Our eyes are sensitive and the skin surrounding them very sensitive and fragile, leaving it prone to injury through contact with UV light.

The structures of the eye including the lens, cornea and retina are all designed to filter UV radiation but over time and with excessive exposure to the sun, they can become less efficient.

Damage can result, leading to diseases of the eye and problems with vision. Cataracts are a common condition that are linked to excessive exposure to the sun.

Macular Degeneration is another aspect of age-related damage that has been linked to the harmful effects of sunlight.

How to protect your eyes against sun damage:

1. Wear Sunglasses that are good quality and filter out most harmful UV light.

2. Wray round styles offer the most protection

3. Add UV protection to your glasses and contact lenses

4. Wear a hat that can shield your eyes, maybe with a wide brim

5. Avoid prolonged periods of time in bright sun

6. Remember sunglasses should be worn by you and your children!

If you have any concerns about your eye care or suspect sun damage, book an appointment with our highly trained optometrists.

Official Eyezen Partner

Our way of life has changed…

Lifestyles have changed a lot in the last decade for wearers aged 18 to 50 years old. Our eyes have to focus more intensively and repeatedly to adjust to close and variable distances with frequent switching between devices and increasingly smaller characters displayed by screens.

This new way of life has an impact on our visual needs, which Eyezen is addressing. Eyezen Boost lenses support visual efforts in front of digital screens, thanks to an exclusive power distribution technology called Eyezen Focus.

If you are like an increasing number of people experiencing asthenopia symptoms, (fatigue, pain around eyes, blurred vision, headache), especially following prolonged reading, computer work or close activities, why not call down to discuss your suitability.