Frame and Lens Care — an Alan Tyler Guide

t Alan Tyler, we understand that you might want to update your look frequently.

And substance as well as style might influence a new purchase — an eye examination could reveal that you need a new prescription

But following a robust frame and lens care regime can extend the life of your eye wear and protect your vision.

Here are a few tips to get you started.


If you want optimal protection from the time you pick up your eyewear from the shop, our optional extra treatments are a safe bet.

We partner with experts Essilor to apply coatings that block UV rays, offer fog-free vision and combat smudges, scratches and dust.

And prescription sunglasses can be polarized and graduated for comfort and vision enhancement, while high-quality cases and lens solution keeps your contacts pristine.

Care regime

Maintaining the quality and performance of your frames or contacts relies on being disciplined about a care regime.

For frames, follow these simple steps:

• Clean lenses regularly with water and dry with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth.
• Invest in a tough hard-shell case that protects them when you take them off.
• Lay them on surfaces with lenses facing upwards.
• Use both hands to take them on and off and don’t balance them on your forehead — this stops them getting bent out of shape and becoming ill-fitting.

And you’d be amazed how many of us are guilty of trying to clean glasses using our clothing and end up with serious lens damage — don’t do it!

For disposable contacts, ensure your hands are clean before inserting and removing them from your eyes, and please don’t wear them for longer than your optician recommends.

For reusable contacts, here’s the process:

• Fill your lens case with disinfecting solution prior to each use.
• Wash and dry your hands, then place the first lens in your palm and, with one finger, rub a few drops of cleaning solution carefully into both sides of the lens.
• Rinse the lens with more solution and pop it back into your case.
• Repeat the process with the other lens.

Don’t forget to keep your lens case clean by emptying out used solution, then rinsing and air drying it — there’s no point following the steps above if your lens case is a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you’re new to using contact lenses, our optometrists will ensure that you know how to place and remove them, and how to keep them clean. But if you’re struggling when you get home or encounter unexpected difficulties with a new type of lens, please pop back for further advice.

Follow these simple steps and you can expect peak performance from frames and contacts for as long as possible — we hope we’ve provided an eye-opener.

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