Frames v Lenses — Let The Battle Commence!

Happy 2019!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a legendary New Year.

If January finds you in an aspirational frame of mind, you’ll have set realistic resolutions and hopefully still be sticking to them.

And if you want to start a new chapter in your personal look book this year, new frames or contacts are a great place to start.

But if you’re struggling to choose between them, or are wondering if you need both, our glasses v lenses showdown is the illuminating lowdown you need.

Elevate your style with fantastic frames

First and foremost, glasses are much more than a vision correction aid.

They’re undoubtedly a style symbol that really ramps up your chic credentials and makes you the centre of attention in any room.

That’s why at Alan Tyler we specialise in elegant, quirky and unique brands — from Etnia Barcelona and Tom Ford to Converse and Anna Sui.

So, you’re sure to frame your features fabulously and, if there’s simply too much to choose, our in-store stylists will provide on-trend advice.

Other benefits to finding your perfect frames include the fact that a high-quality frame with classic styling will stand the test of time — so it may well see you through several prescription changes.

And glasses are often less expensive than corrective surgery or contact lenses, so making that initial investment in a perfect pair of frames may be more affordable in the long term.

Lastly, glasses feel more manageable and less invasive than contacts for some customers, so while these considerations can be overcome, they’re worth bearing in mind.

However, there are some potential negatives associated with wearing glasses.

If they’re not worn regularly, they’re easily misplaced or forgotten about. And if they’re lost permanently, you might not find an identical replacement.

Finally, they’re unsuitable for some professions, meaning it’s necessary to seek safe alternatives.

Convenience and comfort with contact lenses

Although you can make a fashion statement with frames, some people find them a pain to wear and carry around all day.

But the same can’t be said for contact lenses — they’re so comfy we often forget we’re wearing them and if they’re reusable, they’re stored discreetly in dinky little cases.

Once you’ve learned the appropriate insertion, removal and storage regime, they’re easy to use and might make you feel more confident, especially when attending busy social occasions or business lunches.

So if frames aren’t for you, contact lenses might be just what the optician ordered.

Again, there are some potential drawbacks, including dry eyes and irritants being trapped between the lens and the eye itself — but if you follow instructions carefully, these can be controlled with ease.

Compromise with both

Many people love to switch up their personal style by using both glasses and contacts (not at the same time though!).

And this is perfectly feasible for most of our clients — for instance, you might prefer to wear glasses to work and contacts to socialise or play sport.

Whatever you choose, we’ll ensure you receive tailor-made advice and products to fit perfectly with the demands of your lifestyle — ensuring you look great and feel fantastic all the time.

At Alan Tyler, we blend technical expertise with a refined sense of style to deliver the best eye wear choices to our customers — pop in for a professional consultation soon.

For more information on bespoke frames and lenses, call 0121 706 3998 for our Acocks Green Branch or 01564 772 217 for our Dorridge Branch.

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