How is your eyesight?

Have you been struggling with your Eyesight during the COVID pandemic and Lockdown? This may be a sign that you need new glasses. Here are some signs that you need new glasses from your optician:

Blurred vision:

Any type of blurred vision requires you to have an eye examination. This will determine what glasses you need to be able to see more clearly.


An outdated prescription or an undiagnosed eye condition may be a possible reason for headaches. To explore the possible reasons, it is important for you to book an eye examination with us.

Double Vision:

Experiencing double vision can be very unpleasant and you need to speak to your optician as soon as possible. Double vision can be caused by Strabismus – commonly known as crossed eyes. Following an appointment with your optician, you may require a new pair of glasses with greater prismatic power. This prismatic power helps to correct issues with eye alignments including double vision.

Squinting at screens:

Digital eye strain can be caused by staring at computer screens, phones and other digital devices. This can occur at any age. You may need to acquire a pair of glasses for computer work. These glasses are designed to help focus on the screen more clearly. They can also help to block out the blue light that screens tend to emit.

Lens Damage:

If you have had your glasses for a while they may be scratched or damaged. Scratches will affect your vision and may cause your eyes to have to strain to see clearer. This may signal time for you to invest in a new pair of glasses.

If you have any of these issues, we are here to help you. Inline with government guidelines we are able to see you safely.

Please speak with one of our team at the practice on 01564 772 217 to arrange your appointment.